JUNE 20-21



Having completed a Diploma of Fine Arts at TAFE, 2008 and a BFA at the College of Fine Arts, 2012, I have been steadily refining my practice as a printmaker, draftsman and performance artist by participating in group shows both in Sydney and interstate. I have also recently come back from a residency at Proyecto ACE, Buenos Aires and on site projects in Mexico City. My work often deals in themes of the psyche and how they manifest almost metaphorically in our everyday lives.

The performance And I loved you more than ever dips into nostalgia to explore language barriers and isolation, using cheap theatre tricks to mask a looming sense of melancholia. A lone protagonist sits on a wooden chair silently illustrating her story through gesture, moving to an internal song from a fragmented memory the protagonist pulls fistfuls of gold glitter from her pockets showering herself with it before beginning a solemn partnerless dance. The performance aims to be theatrical with an air of fragility exploring how we can communicate a sense of deep introspection through movement.


“Brown paper laying nude in a human sized cardboard box, I breath into brown paper bags, one breath per bag….a portrait of the soul.”

Circus Spellbook – Shamanic Panic
Feb 28 & Mar 1

Yiorgo Yiannopoulos – Confessional
FEB 21/22


FEB 21/22


Yiorgo explores the unspoken world of chat rooms and dating sites. Here, an oscillation between the virtual and the real grows ever present and becomes a space to explore ideas of identity and masculinity.
This performance draws on the anonymous aspect of communicating online which encourages candour in an audience. The Cube is a reimagining of this space, creating an environment that is safe in its detachment. It is a sometimes fun and uncomfortable exchange, which often borders on the playfully perverse.


Yiorgo Yiannopoulos is an emerging artist. Primarily focused with photo media, his work draws in aspects of the public and private. Yiorgo has a fascination with what constitutes inside and outside in relation to the habitation of space and our bodies.
He is an undergraduate at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University.


FEB 28/MAR 01

 CIRCUS – Shamanic Panic

cha·os  (ks)

1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble.
3. often Chaos The disordered state of unformed matter and infinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.
Change your mind, change the world. Loose your mind, find your self. Circus revives ancient shamanic technology in modern pre-apocolyptic culture. Exploring the connection between our imaginary mind scapes and our physical environments, and how they reflect and create each other. In his performance Circus undertakes a shamanic odyssey into non-ordinary states of conciousness. Drawing from his experiences of holotropic breath work, ritual and theatre, Circus looses his mind and accesses the existential void.


Circus the Inter-Dimensional prince is a performance artist and party director from Melbourne. He explores the themes of mess, sex, food, death and re-birth through surreal performances mashing pop CULTure and religious iconography into ecstatic rituals that re-create dreams and psychedelic states of consciousness. In 2012, Circus performed at Escape: International Performance Art Festival in Berlin and completed a residency at Grace Exhibition Space in Brooklyn, New York. In Melbourne he studies Transpersonal Art Therapy at Phoenix Institute and directs parties and art happenings where the audience is the artist.


MAR 08/09

JULIE VULCAN – Taking The Mickey Bliss

The artist presents – dressed in suit and tie, hair slicked back, frilly white petticoat and sparkle shoes. Over two nights liquids are generously pored into screw top containers slowly surrounding and isolating the artist in an island.

Ideas surrounding borders are questioned and examined. The current political mileage built around conservative ideologies are vexed problems for artists and free thinkers at large. This performance is created as a space to realise certain anxieties and tensions. What does it mean to be in Australia now?

Julie Vulcan is a Sydney based interdisciplinary artist with a focus on performance, installation, durational and site-specific work.

Julie’s research based practice continually questions, shifts and re-positions her perception of our place in the world. She is interested in how we remember, record and pass on information through our bodies, our actions and our traces. Her work often unravels notions of time and duration and prods at the position of memory and the media that supports it. The very nature of some of her self-reflexive works is to question the veracity of the remaining artefacts of her own performances.

Julie’s work appears in theatres, galleries, windows, events, clubs, online and sometimes unexpected places.

Photo: Michael Myers

MAR 14/15


The piece ‘Vita Anonyma’ will see the Cube swathed in white, with guerrilla attacks from within forcing the audience to participate, at times against their wishes, albeit from outside the space.  Looking at the disempowered and under-represented within our current societal make-up.  This doesn’t need you to take sides, just to be aware of them.


Kathleen McDowall as been performing in various guises since early years.  For ten years as a member of a performance art punk band, touring Australia and Europe.  Currently she is performing solo in physical performance, and has been working most recently in Poland (improvised performance) and (residency), exploring site specific related ideas of historical moments, and the relatedness of humans in the current technology.


MAR 21/22

CHRIS BAJIC – Damaged Goods


Shut the fuck up, put a bandaid on it

Oppose it, for it wants to be

The roller coaster demands your life

Can u escape who u are?

Who are u, who are you

Fall lightly onto the bed of denial

I don’t think so

Think so……

By changing your polarity you may master your moods, change your mental states, remake your disposition. Concentrate upon the opposite pole to that which u desire to suppress.

This performance entails a mindful and chaotic application of band aids on the artists body. The action wavers between the slow gesture to aggressive moves. Band Aids represent the removal of a sore or metaphysically; a negative thought, the thing that needs to be polarised into states of perpetual transformation.


Chris Bajic is a contemporary visual artist who’s creative work spans two decades. He has a diverse background working photo-media, sculpture, performance, sound and installation. He has exhibited at the Australian Center of Photography, completed his Honours and Masters studies at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University. Chris has maintained a solitary practice in recent years, this work is created especially for the 2014 Free Fall program.


MAR 28/29

YIORGOS ZAFIRIOU – Remake: Brown Paper

The performance is a remake of “Brown Paper”, a 2001 work by Italo-Australian artist Katthy Cavaliere (1972-2012). Katthy’s original work was made during her undertaking an Advanced course in Visual Arts at Fondazione Ratti, Como, Italy with visiting Professor Marina Abramovic. Katthy sadly passed away from cancer in 2012. 

This remake is presented with great respect to the spirit of the original work and pays tribute to a significant Australian artist.


Yiorgos Zafiriou is a cross disciplinary contemporary visual artist. He is a PhD candidate at Sydney University, Sydney College of the Arts. Yiorgos maintains ongoing participation in exhibition practice and regularly undertakes performance.

He is known as a conscientious maker and has established a firm connection between the creation of art objects: photography, video, assemblage, drawing, printmaking and 3D objects with his performance. He had participated in performance festivals in Australian and Thailand and undertaken further research in other sites across Europe and Asia.

He is currently researching the possibilities of undertaking performance without undertaking performance.

Thank you to the estate of Katthy Cavaliere.

Photo: Michelle Blakeney


APR 4/5

LADONNA RAMA: Nouvelle Vague

For Nouvelle Vague Ladonna Rama will inhabit the cube as a space for meditation. As La Donna assumes the corpse pose, projected text will scroll through sacred affirmations, modern mantras and creative visualization cues, sourced through ancient texts and new-age gurus. Other projections will use repetitive imagery featuring her virtual sister Nikki Infinity, a divine extraterrestrial apparition that LaDonna hopes to commune with throughout the retreat. While interacting with source, LaDonna will actively listen to her sister as a way of generating synergy. In doing so she aims to intensify her personal vibrational frequency, develop greater compassion and expand her internal energy system. LaDonna is currently reading Shirley MacLaine’s “Out on a Limb” and listening to Olivia Newton-John.


Tim Hilton works across digital media, music and queer performance. His work takes cues from camp culture and scrutinizes the intersection between drag and art. He produces electronic music under the solo project Mikofanclub, featuring his second self LaDonna Rama and virtual source Nikki Infinity, performing across Sydney.


APR 11/12

PAN FLUTE: Pan Flute Songbook


La Flute is back in the recording studio laying down some tracks…laying down some tracks…laying down tracks… tracks….laying down…. down….laying….lay….lay…..layla lay lay.


Pan Flute interrogates standard lipsynching tropes, departing from the quotidian 3 minute act into performing entire albums, leaving no awkward filler track unsung. From lipsynching to an audience of one or lipsynching in silence with collaborators such as Ladonna Rama, Pan is ever querying what the audience requires.



26th July – 7th September

Week 1: Cigdem Aydemir
Friday July 26 & Saturday July 27

Title: Freedom from Transparency

Cigdem Aydemir is a Sydney based Australian artist of Turkish Muslim heritage. She explores the convergence of gender, religious and cultural identities as well as themes of body politics and consumption. Much of her work interrogates the void between body and dress as well as its social and political implications. Freedom from Transparency continues her exploration of the veiled woman cipher as resistant female Other and as lived experience.

Week 2: Adonis
Friday August 2 & Saturday August 3

 Title: Hair Piece

I would like his show to be an endurance performance, so I would like to be in The Cube for as long as I can. The performance style that I am going for will be minimal repetitious and ritualistic. 
My work is usually based on transforming the body through rituals. Hair Piece will be about the strength I find in hair.

Adonis completed her BA at the University of Western Sydney in 2007. Adonis is a provocative performance, video and photo artist working with themes such as identity, gender, sex and sexuality. She has exhibited her video work at numerous Sydney and regional galleries, and has performed in many iconic queer spaces. She is a member of the band Ghetto Pussy.

Week 3: Renny Kodgers

Friday August 9 & Saturday August 10

 Title: Cuddles With Renny

One of Renny’s greatest bugbears over his long and generous career as a multi-skilled entertainer has been the increasing physical distance between fan and man. The Twitter and the Facebook just don’t produce the same kind of Love Child as a shambolic and protracted crowd-surfing encounter. For the duration of The Kodge’s performance at The Oxford Art Factory the barrier between fan and man will be demolished. In its place there will be a public bed of love where no matter how wasted, messy or dangerous you get, you will always be able to cuddle with Renny.

Renny Kodgers is the glamorous southern gent who has been entertaining audiences from Hobart to Tamworth for as long as he can remember. As a performer his extensive oral abilities is the stuff of legend. Best described by American filmmaker John Waters as “the love child of Willie Nelson and Liberace” his ability to connect intimately with audiences of all ages is a talent the lord almighty has bestowed only to a few. The Kodge has been a mainstay on Sydney’s underground cabaret scene, performing at Club 34b, The Oxford Art Factory, The Red Rattler, Carriageworks and on FBi radio with his hit show, The Renny Kodgers Quiz Hour. Those who have been lucky enough to experience Renny live, hold the memory in their hearts and their loins forever!


Week 4: Janet Meaney

Friday August 16 & Saturday August 17

Title: WASP

This performance is my response to being the subject of scrutiny. Under scrutiny my instinct is to hide, difficult when one is in a glass-walled room. My next instinct is to build a barrier between the viewer and me, but out of what?
With a background in sculpture and a strong proclivity for clay I have settled on building a coiled clay structure around my body, much like a wasp’s nest. By doing this I systematically deny the audience visual access to my body but only partially on day one. Continuing to build upward on day two I will ultimately enclose myself in the nest. My purpose is to confound the expectation of the audience to be entertained in a traditional sense. Instead, I am challenging them to consider the process of art as entertainment.

In my waspish (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) way, I will secrete myself from the audience deliberately and repetitively stimulating debate about what I am doing and whether it can be achieved.

Graduating in 1979 with a BFA (Sculpture) from the Center for Creative Studies School of Art and Design in Detroit Michigan, Meaney has built a practice that spans across media including installation, video photography and performance always based on personal experience of being in the world and delighting in confounding traditional expectations of the viewer.

Week 5: Leahlani Johnson

Friday August 23 & Saturday August 24

Title: Before it has ended

Before it has ended is a site-specific installation exploring ephemeral materials and gestures within the public space.
Leahlani Johnson’s current practice explores the language of time within the installation environment. Highlighting times contradictory nature through initiating dialogues between ephemeral, still and moving imagery. Based in Sydney, Leahlani is currently undertaking her Master of Fine Arts by Research at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

Week 6: Robin Hungerford

Friday August 30 & Saturday August 31

 Title: Another Hole in the Head

In the past I have created video works in which I attack myself in the head with a variety of instruments. I see this as a kind of exploratory, experimental, surgical action through which new insights can be gained. Where the surgeon operates within the concrete parameters of human anatomy, seeking solutions to specific problems and answers for specific questions, my own rationale and methodology tends to be a little bit messy… a little more abstract.

Robin Hungerford is an artist based in Sydney who works in the mediums of sculpture, performance and video. Simultaneously hilarious and horrific, strange and seductive, Hungerford’s work attempts to express something of the hallucinatory nature of contemporary globalised human experience. Notions of humanity, spirituality and autobiography combine with technology in an exploration of what the artist refers to as ‘the blurring boundaries between the organic and the synthetic’. Robin’s last solo show ‘The Streaming’ was held at Gallery 9 in December 2012.


Week 7: Giselle Stanborough

Friday September 6 & Saturday September 7

 Title: Staying In

Performance Description: The project examines the performative connection between the physical body and digital self. Through a contemporary examination of shadow play and real time net surfing, the audience must establish my persona through an examination of an abstracted body and anonymous browsing history. The project places the logic of data mining within the context of the human viewer. In terms of narrative, I am a friend who chooses to stay home at night instead of going out; I socialise vicariously. This project is an experiment in the ease (or difficulty) of identifying selfhood online.

Giselle Stanborough is an emerging intermedia artist whose practice often addresses online user generated media and the way in which such technologies encourage us to identify and perform notions of self. She graduated from COFA in 2010 with the University Medal and since then has exhibited in galleries around NSW and in Melbourne. Her work has been shown online in The Washington Post’s “Pictures of The Day” and in Hennessy Youngman’s “Art Thoughtz”.





JUNE & JULY 2013

Free Fall returns for 2013 and is ready to break new ground in the glass cube at Oxford Art Factory. Presented to you by Chalk Horse.
Introduced in 2011, Free Fall transformed the glass cube of Oxford Art Factory into a series of live art
installations. These installations, performed between the glass of the multi-roomed live music venue, interacted
with the gig-goers and audience members, incorporating the use of colour, endurance, movement and other experimental processes.
Free Fall’s founding curator and performer John A. Douglas along with James Kerr are now ready to announce the launch of the 2013 program. Commencing Friday June 21, Free Fall 2013 will return with some very talented debut performances. A myriad of themes and concepts will be explored through visual transformation and actions, often demanding unwavering physical endurance. Each performance will be documented on video and uploaded to the Free Fall Youtube channel.
The Free Fall concept is a fresh approach to art making, using spontaneity and imagination to connect with
audiences outside of the generic gallery space and into the bustling night-time environment of the Oxford Art Factory. Get ready to fall.

FRI 21 & SAT 22 JUNE

Oliver Watts is a conceptual artist who works across a variety of media, writing and translation. His conceptualism is a research based, archivism that particularly questions the nexus of art and law. How do images command? What is the socio-legal power of art? How does law respond to the image?
In his work Watts uncovers the strange and wonderful ideological images and performances that underpin our society, from law to religion; from sport to racial violence. His work proposes that art has a subversive part to play within these
frameworks of power. Watts will transform the cube through transporting his
artists studio into the space and inviting Barristers to sit for their portraits.

FRI 28 & SAT 29 JUNE
James Kerr is an emerging artist working in sculpture, performance, collage and installation. His work embodies a complex and contemporary dynamic, between sculpture and collage. Kerr directly references a notion of contemporary beauty whilst also catering to the trans- historical symbolic powers of nature.
His works symbolize an abstracted form of Darwins Natural Selection but in a contemporary world also embody current experimental variations within ‘nature’. As outlined in bataille’s The Language of Flowers, these objects only really come to exist through the power of culture and the way we imbue them with value: the ideal manifestation of love, hate, and other emotions. They become the relics of diverse psychological states.
For his third performance as part of Free fall Kerr will tranform the cube into a ‘free florist’ for two nights. The performance will act as a venue florist and to meet all expectations of a florist other than the charge.


Kate Vassallo is an emerging interdisciplinary artist working in photography, video, and live performance. By using and reusing(among other things…) motifs of ‘the artist’s studio’ and ‘the artist’s body’ Vassallo is continuing the historical inquiry surrounding the role of the artist. This questioning of art’s function and production is a part mockery, part homage of its forms. The long‐term goal of her practice is to demystify the process of making, breaking down the mythologies and romanticism often associated with it. This studio log plays an important part in this process, being a place Vassallo can publicly expose the making of her work.
Vassallo’s work for Free Fall will involve looped performance videos paired with a live performance in the glass cube. Playing with the idea of performing in a live music venue, I will edit, loop and remix ‘selfie’ videos to mimic the structures of electronic music. As the night goes on I will re-perform samples of each video, attempting to keep up with a near impossible pace.

FRI 12 & SAT 13 JULY
Jack Gillbanks is a young practitioner living and working from Sydney. His work sits between the fields of architecture art and digital design. He has worked with the Laboratory for Visionary Architecture under director Chris Bosse and teaches part time at UTS: Insearch. He studies architecture at the University of Newcastle.
THE CUBE, a spacial configuration in the modernist tradition; defiant of historical correlation, it exists within the realm of mathematical abstraction. Through psychogeographical processing and historical research of site and context THE CUBE is deployed as a framework for its own spatial subversion.
The performance is conceived as a means to develop an ethereal architecture, one in which proximity devolves into a connection to and understanding of a place rather than an abstract set of signs defining mathematical notation. The anglo-european notion of space as a knowable entity is thus challenged and appropriated with a concept of ritual and place, whereby connection is distinguished by event.




Photos courtesy of Steven Lattuca.





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